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"Achieve New Heights" with Robert D. Hall Landscapes & Tree Care.

Located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA and servicing the greater Boston and MetroWest areas.

Robert D. Hall Landscapes & Tree Care (HLTC) provides the highest quality landscape construction and tree care services to primarily residential homeowners. Services include the care of shade trees, specimen ornamentals (small trees) and shrubs. This care includes shade tree pruning, cabling and bracing as well as whole tree removals and stump grinding. Landscaping consultations, design and construction services; specializing in creative and sustainable plantings are offered. We frequently identify and move overlooked and often valuable plant material to more appropriate settings.

Fully operational since May 1994, business has steadily grown to accommodate an increasing demand for services, as word of mouth spread and new clients discovered HLTC. Annual pruning of shrubs and ornamentals is routine during the growing season. Shade tree operations are ongoing throughout the year, with an emphasis placed on preservation and maintenance. Tree and shrub transplanting takes place primarily in early spring and fall. High-risk tree removals and pruning, requiring equipment to cross turf, are commonly scheduled for winter to take advantage of frozen ground.

HLTC recognized the need to mechanize in order to efficiently service our customers. The company has equipment, including an Aerial Lift bucket truck, skid steer loader (w/ backhoe), brush chippers, dump trucks and stump grinders.

Robert D. Hall Landscapes & Tree Care is a commercial active member of the Massachusetts Arborist Association (MAA), the National Arborist Association and the International Society of Arboriculture. HLTC is a supporter of the UMASS Endowed Arboriculture Chair and also actively participates in the annual MAA Arbor Day Community Project.

Free Consultations and estimates are available.

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Office phone: (978) 415-0308

FAX number: (978) 415-0309